Premier Lace Wigs is a brand not only providing high quality human hair lace wigs for affordable price,but also focusing on perfect wearing experience.We will continue to improve our wigs and make them look more natural and wear more comfortable.
We had a survey among our customers on Instagram:"What problem are you most concerned about for wearing a wig?" Below were some feedback.


What problem are you most concerned about for wearing a wig?



I'm biggest concern with wearing a wig is that I don't want it looking like an actual wig. I would prefer my wigs to look like its coming from my scalp, you know have that "what lace " look. A lot of wigs only have two types of hairlines and with those the hairline is so thick you have to pluck it until you get the look you're going for. And, I like to put my hair in high ponytails and I rarely do that with my wigs because of how the hair is laid once it gets pulled up it looks like I have on a helmet.


My most concern is keeping my edges intact. I like to lay my wigs so they look as natural as possible and I don’t lay it directly on my edges but I feel like my edges be disappearing.


Since I am still newish to the wig game, my biggest concern with wigs will always be that the hairline does not look natural or the lace is showing. However, since there’s not a huge black community in Germany I have to teach everything myself and therefore still have a few other concerns like: wigs falling off my head, shedding, natural looking hairlines without too much baby hair, puffy wigs, not damaging my own hair while wearing and securing my wigs, how to wear high ponytails without the lace showing, how to bleach knots properly so the wig looks more natural...
Wigs are science and it’s such a long process to learn everything but I love it and I learn with every new wig that I buy


I have natural hair but would love to wear more wigs as a protective style so it is usually hard for me to select a with because I want it to look natural. I'm constantly worried about my edges curling up and it becoming obvious I'm wearing a wig. In addition that line of demarcation where the lace ends concerns me because I what it to look seemless.

My concern with wearing a wig is that the lace raises and becomes noticeable if u dont glue it down but i dont want to have to glue my hair down every morning. It would be wnderful if the lace itself was elastic and laid flat to the forehead with a natural hairline. Some dont have much edges to work with and the struggle can be a nigtmare but I do get compliments on my premier lace wigs and refer everyone to you guys.

My biggest problem is SHEDDING AND TANGLING. I work in an office where I am the only black person. Seeing strands of hair all over the office is very embarrassing. Most times I have to get to work early so that I can vacuum the office floor. It is really embarrassing. And for TANGLING, paying a lot fora wig and few weeks down the road, it’s tangled. I have spent a lot on wigs and I have kinda of giving up on them. Would be great to win this.


one of my main concerns with wearing a wig is mainly how to protect my natural hair. over the past 5 years I've been natural and it's not the easiest journey. my hair has hit a lot of stumps, gotten cut serversl times. just really the whole works. so I'm trying to look for a protective style that will look nice and not damage my hair further.