We all know human hair lace wigs are expensive and we all want our wig last as longer as it can. A human hair lace wig is not a one-off wig,so we have to take great care of it.But most of us really don't know exactly how to do that.These are some washing tips from PLW wig experts to help you keep your human hair wig moisturized and full of health

Lace wig washing tips

1. Since wigs don't have the natural oils the less you wash your wig the better!
2. The best way to know when to wash your wig, is when it starts to feel sort of "crunchy" or stiff
3. Had better let your wig air dry.
4. You shouldn't shower with your wig on
5. Carve out time to wash your wig
6. Do not neglect your natural hair.Taking a day or two off will help to save wear and tear on your wig but also provide your scalp and natural hair with a bit of air to rejuvenate itself