Tips for using Got2b glued gel when styling a lace wig


Many customers like to use Got2b glued to style their lace wigs .They apply a thin layer of the gel to whatever area they want their lace wig to be applied to. Once to gel has dried to a tacky consistency, the lace front wig is then applied for a strong glue-like hold.We tried this product and learnt some experiences from customers ,and give some tips to use Got2b glued well.

Got2b glued is a “water-resistant” hair styling/spiking gel from the brand Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf is a professional brand of hair care products. The Got2b glued gel is the newest trend of secure lace wigs .

Got2b glued comes in a white (regular) or clear (ultra hold) form. Both products boast water-resistant claims of a screaming hold.Both Gels flake and turn white,but the ultra (black bottle) flakes and turns white way less than the yellow bottle .so we recommend the black bottle .


Dry with cool air only because hot air can't guarantee a strong hold .If you are using a blow dryer to dry your gel, you must use it on the coolest setting possible


There is a method to the layering process.Firstly clean the area with Isopropyl Alcohol.Once the area is clean,use a scalp protector.then apply a very thin layer of the gel on the areas you want your wig to adhere to.Dry this layer COMPLETELY before adding the second layer. After adding the second layer, blow dry it to a tacky/sticky consistency and then apply your unit.


This gel isn't so resistant although it is water resistant,so don't use it when you are at a summer yacht party or the rooftop pool party.


When the sweat show up and the gel doesn't hold well , you can re-dry the gel and it can still hold a long time


Spray a generous amount of a water-conditioner mixture, and allowing it to sit for at least 30-60 seconds, will cause the gel to deteriorate enough for safe removal.or you can work extra conditioner into that area after the lace has been removed which makes the cleaning process much easier and hassle-free.