How To Make the Knots Invisible without Bleach or Dye



In order to make a wig look natural, many customers like to bleach knots. But actually not all lace wigs can be bleached knots, like 1# and 1b# color units because they are too dark.Now there is another an easy way to make the knots invisible without bleach or dye.also it doesn’t damage the hair. You know sometimes when we bleach knots, the hairs may be damaged and cause hair shedding in the future.

1.Use your foundation just a little bit and put it on a plate.We recommend Maybelline Fit Me Plus 355 Coconut which can fit most people.
2.Take just a regular flat top foundation brush and just stipple it on the lace. taking a little bit and just stippling it on the lace to conceal those knots.
3.Use a little bit of hairspray to keep it from transferring
4.If you want your middle part space more clear,you can apply some styling gel to make hairs flat without flyaways,then you can take a tweezer to pluck the hairline.
5. Put the foundation in the part again,then put some la PO concealer and a little bit of powder to set it.Now you can see the knots anymore and the middle part is very clear and natural.


Maybelline Fit Me Plus 355 Coconut
Maybelline Fit Me Powder 355
Macadamia Oil Control HairSpray
Wetline Xtreme Gel
Lotta Body Wrap Me Mousse
La Pro Conceal Toffee