Recently we posted a topic on Instagram about "Share your experience of wearing a wig and how you make it look natural " Below are some good ideas of their own. They may help you style your own lace wigs.



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I braid my hair flat underneath, then put on a wig cap. As for the wig prep I bleach the knots (if needed) then I pluck the (not too much) just to make it look natural . If needed I put makeup on my cap to make it blend my skin tone. For regulate daily wear I use got2be glued gel to lay it down, than fix my baby hairs and lay it with a scarf! EXPERIENCE: As for my experience with wigs I find it very helpful, because I have arthritis and doing my natural hair everyday is very painful for me. So it helps to not have to and just put on a lace wig. Honestly wigs a a lifesaver/timesaver for me


I’ve been wearing full lace wigs for just over a year now, I was absolutely hooked the moment I put my moms on and she actually ended up giving it to me cuz it looked so good ❤️(thanks mom) I’ve recently transitioned from curly to long straight. And would love to rock the bob!!! Every wig and style is different but from you’re high quality wigs very little work is needed to make it look natural-er then it already does. Since the lace is invisible lace all that’s needed is a light wig cap maybe a lil make up to help blend, some got2b a blow dryer some tweezers/scissors and boom you have ur perfect summer style ready to slay the day! @premierlacewigs





First I watched approximately 700 YouTube videos lol .. then I bleached my knots, plucked my hairline and cut the ear tabs. Then I put it on and cut some baby hairs and concealed my part and laid my baby hairs. On lazy days I put a scarf or a hat so I don’t have to lay my baby hairs


I cut the lace properly and glue the hair right on top of my hair line. I use concealer to match my skin tone. And lay down some baby hairs and slayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I always secure my wigs no matter what day it is or how tired I am, i will start by bleaching the knots on the lace front, wash the unit and then start plucking, I prefer to leave he hair to air dry however if I need to I will put heat protector on, dry the hair put some argon oil in to not dry the hair out then commence straighten the hair I prefer to pass an electric hair brush first to remove any frizz. After the hair is styled I’ll place it on my head see if I want baby hairs or not and proceed to glue the wig down with my g2b glue gel and freezing spray, but I have already cornrows my natural slicked my baby hairs back with the black g2b gel then placed a skin colour wig cap. Which I use to make the hair line look as natural as possible it can be a long process but it’s one I love doing.


Last month I bought my prom wig from you guys. I was so nervous because it was my first time ordering from y’all. I bought a yaki straight texture 360 on accident, considering I don’t like the texture. However the wig is amazing, the texture looked so natural omg and the lace was very impressive. It blended so well with my skin complexion. When it arrive it took me 3 days to customize

1. I cowashed the hair
2. Got a tweezer, to pluck the frontal (even though it was pre-plucked) i like my frontal a bit thin 3. Bleached the knots
4. I apply the wig on then cut the lace to my desired shape.

5. I did the bald cap method i bought the got2b freeze blast spray with the glued gel.

6. I waited for the the spray to dry then cut my extra cap off then i added got2b gel. I waited for it to dry (tacky) then i apply my wig
7. I also cut the baby hairs with sideburns.

8. And tied the top down while straightening my hair  It looked so good. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME CHECK MY PAGE



everyone knows how to make a wig look natural is with the hair line or the part. but how I make a hair look really natural is by treating it like my real hair. I put a bandana on it, sometimes I put accessories in them. this is really just to "personalize" my wig to make it fit to my personality