Curls are very beautiful and look natural. There are many customers doing curls by themselves with
flex rods at home, So they just bought straight hair lace wigs from us. Flexi rods can create
many different curls as you want, tight curls, big curls or wavy pattern. Usually, they can only last
2 days, but still a good choice to style your lace wig by yourself. If you want to try flexi rods now but don't know where to begin,just follow these simple instructions get the perfect curls.


How To Create Flexi Rods Curls On A Lace Wig



Usually, we use a straight hair lace wig to make curls, like silky straight, yaki straight or
kinky straight

1. Put a lace wig on a mannequin head and Co-washing and detangle the hair. then apply your
Leave-In and setting product.
2. Use a tail comb to part and comb out a one or two inch section of hair
3. Fold an end paper over your hair and slide it to the ends. Wrap the ends of your hair around
the base of a rod
4.Roll the hair toward your roots as if you were doing a normal roller set holding your hands
vertically instead of horizontally
5. Keep doing this all over your head and always starting from the back and working up to the
6.Sit under a bonnet dryer on medium-high heat for 40-60 minutes depending on your hair
length. Before you take the rods out, feel the ends hair to know if itÂ’s fully dried.
7. Carefully remove the rods without disturbing the can wear them as is, just add a
little oil sheen or separate the curls for a fuller look


How To Create Flexi Rods Curls On A Lace Wig


Tips For Perfect Curls

1. Use a lace wig of no less than 8 inches hair length
2. When you're rolling the rods if the hair dries out, Just spray it with water or it will come out frizzy
3. Choose a bigger or smaller size rod depending on the final look you want to achieve.