How to apply and style a straight hair lace wig



1.Braid your natural hair properly
2.Before wearing the lace wig,you had better hydrate your natural hair. We recommend use Creme of Nature Eden Leave-In Conditioner to spray all over.
3.Apply a wig cap which can protect your natural hair.
4.Before you cut the lace, you can apply the wig first to try on.You can check if the wig size fits your head well and if the hair sheds.
5.Cut the lace following the hairline and don’t cut too much.
6.Use a toothbrush to lay the baby hairs and make it look natural.
7.Use the eyeshadow powder to lay the middle parting space if you want a middle part.Choose a color close to your skin color.So you don’t have to beach the knots.
8.Flat iron the hair and make it bone straight
9.Use a curling iron to flat the top.
10.For hair flyaways, you can use hair mousse. Just use a little to lay down the flyaways and you don’t have to use it everyday.