Human hair lace wigs demand rather gentle maintenance because the strands are knotted through the lace.They can be readily pulled out, broken or even un-knotted. Here are 4 tips from PLW wig experts to help you cleanse your lace front wig.

Cleansing Wash Tips For Human Hair Lace Wigs



1.When you remove glue from the lace,we recommend you to use solutions that are specifically designed to break down the glue.
Brand recommend:Walker Tape C-22 Solvent
2.When you apply shampoo and conditioner on the hair,use a detangling brush during the process
3.Choose cleaning products that are going to balance PH and keep that hair moisturized
Brand recommend:Farouk systems
4.When washing, always use warm water to get the dirt and dust off of all lace wigs. Use cold water at the end to close the cuticle.