There are always some customers asking the question "Can you bleach or dye Indian remy hair ?" and also some customers bleach the hair but it doesn't work well ,then they are very disappointed and ask us "Is it real human hair ? "We will answer all these questions here .

Indian remy hair is real human hair and you can burn some strands of hair to test.You can smell while burning and see the ash, you will find it is not chemical fiber.

Some people will be confused why Indian remy hair can't be bleached or dyed since it is real human hair .Actually Indian remy hair can be bleachd and dyed . Just it can't be bleached to light color like very light brown and blonde color . You can bleach it to dark brown and regular brown ,but we suggest that you make this a trip to the hair salon! Just to be safe, a hair dresser is an expert they will perform this task professionally.Remember only natural color of Indian remy hair can be bleached .

The reason Indian remy hair doesn't have a good performance for bleaching and dying is that Indian remy hair doesn't have aligned and
intact cuticles.Unlike virgin hairs donated from one single girl,Indian remy hairs are donated from many women and will be sorted in length and color.So we don't suggest suggest customers to bleach & dye Indian remy hair lace wigs and bundles.



 We Don't Suggest to Bleach & Dye Indian Remy Hair Wigs & Bundles