Lace wigs are a lot of fun, But they’re just not ideal for all situations. One minute you were enjoying the moment, and the next you were standing their mortified and missing your wig, which was very embarrassing.I’ve compiled 6 activities I recommend that wig-wearers should avoid. Unless your lace wig is sewn on, the regular wearing is no match for these activities.




1.Swimming and Diving.

Swimming gently in a poor is fine, but don't dive into the poor from the board. Because you will miss your wig in the water. Also, don't swim in the sea wearing a wig. Be careful of the wave!





2. Impromptu Beyoncé-Style Hair Flips/Dance Moves
I know every Yonce hit is your jam.but beware of breaking out into her signature moves without a properly clipped your wig.






3.Intense Workouts
Signing yourself up for Zumba and kickboxing classes are the perfect way to stay in shape this summer, but I can’t promise you that your wig will stay. You had better throw on a scarf or a tie back your hair.





4.Riding A Roller Coaster
Your wig may fall in the high speed especially when it goes upside down, You have to hold your head all the way.





5.Kids’ Parties
The little ones don’t know your hair isn’t growing from the root. They will grab, pull and tug. Steer clear!





6.Having Sex
If you’re in the heat of the moment and he doesn’t know about the “don’t ever touch a Black girl’s hair” rule, a mortifying moment is imminent.