Like real hair,human hair lace wigs can experience tangles. In fact,lace wigs tend to be more prone to tangle as a result of the shortage of the natural oils that are in the scalp. Here are 4 tips from PLW wig experts to help you prevent tangling.


4 Tips To Detangle A Human Hair Lace Wig


1. Don't over wash your wig.We suggest wash around once per week if you wear it quite often.
2. A wig stand is necessary.It can keep up the style of the wig and reducing tangles
3. Always start detangling from the ends of the hair,which can prevent more tangling, and assists in keeping the hair healthful and easy to manage
4. The nape of the neck is where hair tangles up the most.We suggest comb the region of the wig often behind your neck with your fingers throughout the day.